Secure Mail Gateway

How you can benefit from Secure Mail Gateway ?

Secure Mail Portal is a fully featured enterprise class mail server with integrated web/wap based email with email SPAM and VIRUS protection. Secure Mail Portal has two mail servers which are Gateway Mail Server and Mail Server as shown in the picture below. Gateway Mail Server is filtering all the mails from virus and spam and sending the mail as spam and virus free to Mail Server. In this case the recipient get 100% virus and spam free email. If the email contain virus, the email will be deleted immediately. If the Gateway Mail Server found the mail is a spam the mail will be hold in Spam Spool for 10 days.

How Secure Mail Portal works?

Open Relay database check

Integrated Open Relay check connecting to any external ORB database to ensure the sender is not in blacklisted for sending spam email.

Sender Behavior limitation

Secure Mail Server has dozens of configuration options to directly block users or servers identified as abusing the mail server. These include banning by sender IP address, recipient mail address, from mail address; limits on number of recipients per email, maximum bad addresses in a row, email per sender IP address and maximum messages to a single mail account.

Virus scanner

Gateway Mail Server will integrate with any external command line virus scanner that has the option to delete mail if it contains a virus.

Spam system

Gateway Mail Server has support built in spam detection. Spam System uses a combination of filter-rules and fuzzy matching to correctly identify over 98% of spam. The spam messages are marked with a header so individual users then choose their own 'level' of spam tolerance.

The Spam system can be customized by each client. The customization base on the spam rating. You can choose to hold*, bounce*, or vanish* a message before you even see it. This setting can be done in web based.

Advanced mail rules

Using elaborate rules, customized policies can be setup for mail forwarding, archiving and filtering. Filtering will typically take some form of action on messages identified as spam by Spam System or external spam identification filters. An alternative use for filtering is to limit mail based on content.

This could allow you to setup policies that

  • mail identified as almost certainly spam is either dropped or bounced
  • mail with undesirable subject matter in body or subject line is bounced

Friends system

The Friends System allows users to receive messages only from friends. Non friends are automatically questioned to determine if they are human. All mail from non friends is held pending on the Gateway Mail Server until the user decided what to do with it. Status reports are sent to the user on a regular basis to provide information on the Friends system and any mail pending delivery.

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